jueves, 7 de agosto de 2008

Welcome to the House of Tea

- Mrs. Witchest: Welcome to our house! We are Mss. Witchest and Mr. Doherty and we are very happy to see that you're here, sharing your tea time with us. We hope you like a good cup of tea...
- Mr. Doherty: What do you like it with? Maybe some milk or lemon?
- Mrs. Witchest: Yes, please, I would like it with a milk cloud. And you, dear guest?
- Guest: I would like it with *****.
- Mr. Doherty: Good Choice!

- Mrs. Witchest: Honey, as we are set now, could you tell us that story?
- Mr. Doherty: What story?
- Mrs. Witchest: Don't you remember? That story about...

2 comentarios:

Sir Elton John dijo...

I don´t speak English, but I like ice mint tea.


Daenyel dijo...

Un blog muy original; hablo inglés, pero con vuestro permiso, comentaré en español.

A very original blog; I speak spanish, but I will comment in English if you let me.